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= Welcome =欢迎光临P!nk中文网 - P!nk中国歌迷网站

= Welcome =欢迎光临P!nk中文网 - P!nk中国歌迷网站
You and Me Capture1

[2014.09]You+Me(P!nk、Dallas Green) 《You and Me》歌词MV截图

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[2014.07.08]P!nk出席Giorgio Armani Privé阿玛尼时装秀图集

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【新单!!!】P!nk献给EllenShow第13季新歌«Today's The Day»试听!!!

P!nk为9月8号回归的第十三季Ellen Show写的新歌«Today's The Day»!



source:EllenShow dailymail

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【图】P!nk和女儿Willow参与‘No Kid Hungry’公益活动

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“I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” — P!nk for PETA

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【视频】P!nk代言的CoverGirl 2015新广告

P!nk's Makeup Has Superpowers

Find the Best Foundation Make Up

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【图+视频】P!nk出席2015BMI Pop Awards并获得President's Award


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【视频】You+Me组合(P!nk & Dallas Green)做客Jimmy Kimmel吉米鸡毛秀宣传新专辑《Rose Ave.》,演唱新歌《You and Me》《Unbeliever》

You+Me - You and Me (Jimmy Kimmel) 现场版

You+Me - Unbeliever (Jimmy Kimmel) 现场版

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【视频】You+Me组合(P!nk & Dallas Green)在加州举办新专辑《Rose Ave.》首唱会 官方发布高清现场

You + Me - Love Gone Wrong (Live from Santa Monica, CA) 新专辑首唱会

You + Me - Unbeliever (Live from Santa Monica, CA) 新专辑首唱会

You + Me - Open Door (Live from Santa Monica, CA) 新专辑首唱会

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【视频】P!nk做客Ellen Show宣传新专辑《Rose Ave.》 联手Dallas Green首唱单曲《You and Me》

Pink中文网出品 - You and Me (Ellen Show) 现场版 中英字幕

《艾伦秀第12季》20141013期 嘉宾P!nk剪辑版 中文字幕

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【新闻】P!nk联手Dallas Green新组合You+Me 10月14号正式发行新专辑《Rose Ave.》

新专辑《Rose Ave.》 rose ave 曲目列表 1. Capsized 2. From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues) 3. Gently 4. Love Gone Wrong 5. You and Me 6. Unbeliever 7. Second Guess 8. Break The Cycle 9. Open Door 10. No Ordinary Love rose ave iTunes
Pink中文网团购,美版专辑CD购买地址: 美国itunes音乐商店购买地址: 正版音乐下载(m4a): 正版音乐下载(mp3):

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【资讯汇总】(P!nk+Dallas Green)You+Me组合新专辑《Rose Ave》第二支单曲《Break The Cycle》

(P!nk+Dallas Green)You+Me组合新专辑《Rose Ave》第二支单曲《Break The Cycle》


Circles and cycles and seasons
For everything there’s always reason
But it’s never good
Never turns out as it should
No one ever held you
No single moment of truth
But if you were mine
I would’ve looked into those eyes
And you said

Tell me the words
You want to hear
And I’ll sing them loud and clear
Let me heal the wounds you’ve held on to for all these years
Break the cycle
Break the chains
Cause love is louder than all your pain
Than all your pain

Isn’t all truly broken
You let a few mistakes
Let’s take our time
Don’t we have to try
Too many missing pieces
That’s always been your reason to justify
How yo...

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